This Best Selling Log House Is Perfect for the Family, Check This Out!

Log houses are some of the most amazing houses on the market. This is one of the best selling log houses from Thule Blockhaus and would make a perfect family home. Check out the photos of this gorgeous log home design. The home is not too large, and not too small either, falling somewhere right in the middle. Making it cost effective and efficient. Log houses that are built smaller will cost less overall to build because fewer materials will be needed. For a home built all out of wood, the size of the build can really make the difference. So when planning or thinking of building a log house, it's a great idea to try and fit into a smaller plan that still suits all of your needs and your family's needs. Smaller homes are also the more environmentally friendly, not only because they require fewer materials, but because they don't use as much heat and power as a larger home would. When you have a lot of space to heat, even if that space is going unused the majority of the time, that's a lot of wasted energy. Same goes with electricity.

A wood burning fireplace is a great way to heat your home effectively, and it's a perfect pairing with log houses. Whenever you imagine a log house, it's pretty hard to imagine it without the wood burning fireplace. Many companies will install a fireplace into your log house for you, but for Thule Blockhaus, they are not a part of their log home building packages. You can buy a fireplace separately for anywhere from $1000 to $7000 depending on what you like and the square footage of the home. A home like this could do with one fireplace heating the entire house, but for larger houses, there may need to be a fireplace on every floor to circulate the heat well. Logs are a wonderful choice for building materials for this reason as well; they are great at keeping in the heat from a heat source such as a fireplace because of their high thermal rating. Man-made materials like drywall and fiberglass insulation do a good enough job, but logs seem to be better at thermoregulating. Plus, natural materials like wood and logs are a healthier choice over the artificial materials created in a factory. Living in a log home has great health benefits such as lowering stress and anxiety as well as eliminating certain allergens from the air within the home.

The Fjord is one of the lovely log house designs from Thule Blockhaus. The company operates out of Germany, and their homes are available within Europe but are great for Americans to gain some inspiration from. These log houses are beautifully designed with a nice, simple quality to them. There is an adequate living area, with enough space for a kitchen and a dining room area. The living room shares the same space as the kitchen and dining room which is excellent for spending time together as a couple or family. Upstairs is the loft bedroom area which is quite spacious and has its own little balcony to sit out on. This would be perfect for beautiful early mornings, and sunsets in the evening, enjoying the natural world around the log home. These log home building kits can be built by the customer, but the company will also be happy to build them for their customers. One of the Fjord log home building kits costs around 18,000 Euro for the smallest log house and the price increases with size. Enjoy having a look at all of the photos and dream about your own little log home paradise.***

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