The Cumberland Could Be the Cozy Home You are Looking for, Must See Floorplan!

So you're thinking about building a log house, or maybe you just love to admire them. Either way, learning more about them is always interesting. If you are thinking of building your own custom log house, the price is an important aspect of the process that many people want to know about. There are a few different factors involved when determining the cost of a build and there's also comparing prices between different companies you're considering. In the log house industry pricing is not the same between different companies which can make it even more difficult to understand the pricing of your log house. The price will also depend on the style of your home and of course, the size and the type of materials used. A good place to start is to know what you want in a log house design, and then go to different companies to find out the prices on very similar designs with similar components. It also helps a lot if you can get a clear estimate of the cost per square foot from each log house company.

The design is the main factor in the overall price of the log house so naturally, the larger the home, the more expensive it will be. But also, the more walls in the home, the more costly it can be too. It's easy to think of it this way, the more rooms you have in your home design, the more materials you'll need to construct all of the walls making the cost of the home increase. For example, you could have a four bedroom 1,000 square foot home that could cost more than a 2 bedroom 1,000 square foot home. So it's smart to create open concept floor plans with minimal rooms and to even build on top of a basement foundation that you can finish and add more bedrooms to. When making comparisons, you can also compare the size of the logs being used in the different builds since larger logs mean a higher price point. Ask the company what diameter the logs they use are, or if you can change the diameter of the logs in a custom build. Logs with a thicker diameter will cost more at first, but you will find that the thicker logs also provide a higher R-value which is what determines the airtightness of your home. The higher the R-value, the better your home is insulated.

The Cumberland is one of the log house designs from Old Virgina Log Homes. It's a very simple design which would be great for keeping your budget low. Remember, you can always expand your home by building another level on it, or by building it on a basement foundation. This home has 1700 square feet of space and 3 bedrooms plus a loft. The home also has 2 bathrooms as well which is great for a family home. The overall price of this particular log house package for the assembled log house is $44,055 which is a pretty decent price. The home plan features a great room at the heart of the home with a cathedral ceiling. The master bedroom features lots of space as well as a full bathroom with a dressing area and even a walk-in closet. They also have another version of this model which is designed with two bedrooms. All of the Cumberland models have a large front porch which is always nice to enjoy on warmer days. So if you wanted a log house of this size, you could then compare the price to similar log houses from other companies to find the perfect log house design for you.***

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