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Designing your very own log house is an exciting venture. But it also comes with a lot of questions that need to be answered and a lot of learning to be done. You'll also want to explore different log house designs like the ones you see here from White Log Homes, a log home building company operating out of East Waterford, Pennsylvania. The company was started by John M. White, who started his own sawmill in 1912. He passed his business on to his son Clarence A. White later on who grew the business with eight sawmills. Raymond White, Clarence's son then joined the business as well, and he helped to create an automated lumber grading and sorting operation. White Log Homes was born when George, Clarence's son joined in the family business and took it to the next level by creating a manufacturing facility that creates all of the log home materials that are still used today. They've been in the business for 105 years producing wood products through their family owned and operated business. Now, even George's son Ross is a part of the business that offers beautiful log house packages and materials.

They have plenty of great examples of their work that you can check out in their gallery on their website and right here in the photos. This is one of their simpler designs, but it has all of the beautiful craftsmanship that goes into any of their luxury log house designs too. Looking at the examples of the work done by different log home building companies will give you a better idea of what you prefer and the type of log house you gravitate toward. Are you more into the large, luxury log houses? Or something modest and simple like this log house? Neither is better than the other; it just all depends on personal preference. The most important thing is to build your log house within your budget. Nothing is more stressful than designing a house just to find out that it will cost way over your budget. So when you're designing your log house, be sure to keep the prices in mind, and also let your designer know about your budget too so you can stay within it. A good design paired with a realistic budget will mean a smoother sailing design and building process.

There are many things that can impact the cost of a log house. Including the size of the home, the size and shape of the logs, the joinery system and the type of logs used in the project. The log home building company you choose can also affect the price of your build depending on if they are handcrafting the home which takes a lot more time and hands-on labour, or if they are manufacturing the log house which can take less time and labour because the materials are mainly machine made. White Log Homes manufacture their log home packages which include pre-cut and pre-drilled Eastern White Pine logs. The two packages they offer are the Weather Tight Materials Package and Finish Materials Package which can be combined to give their customers a complete log home building package. The only things the customer would have to handle on their own or by hiring sub contractors would be the electric, plumbing, cabinets, foundation, and stain. It's also best to look for the best quality and value and not just the lowest price. You want your log house to last for years so it's wise to buy one that will. Enjoy looking at some of the great log house designs from White Log Homes and see which ones you like the best.***

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