Log Cabin for 15k Off Grid

Have you been interested in building a log cabin or home of your own? If so, this information from YouTube could come in really handy for you. Doug and Stacy actually built the log cabin home you see here for only around $15,000 and what's even more impressive is that they did it all with very minimal carpentry skills. They mainly got inspiration from the pioneers of earlier days who built log houses in their region to start their own homesteads. So they began to study the old log cabins and homes in their area, some of them have even been standing for over 100 years. They had thought about going with a fifth wheel all season trailer or turning a shed into a tiny house, but in the end, the small cabin won overall. They decided to do it the old fashioned way and build it themselves. Log home building can be done in a few different ways these days; you can have one built for you which is the easiest way. Or you can purchase a pre-made kit and build it yourself. The other option is to create a log house from scratch using materials you source yourself. The latter is probably the hardest way to go about building a log house, but it's the most authentic, if you want to have one built entirely on your own.

The couple ended up harvesting their own logs locally and then they had them milled by a local sawmill. You can also learn how to process the logs yourself, but this adds even more work to the project. In the video, Doug takes us around their log cabin to show us the materials they used so you can get an appreciation for all of the effort that goes into small log cabins like this. The logs they used are 4 inches thick and 1-foot wide oak wood. Oakwood actually has the highest insulation value which makes it perfect for building a log cabin or home. Doug also used some rebar to give the cabin some added strength all over the cabin which he drilled into the logs in certain areas. While this is not completely necessary, it's what he did to help add some strength to his log cabin, and you can use that idea too if you'd like. Their logs have a saddle notch on them which gives them a neat look at the ends, especially with the square shaped log. It makes for a nice, clean look with the flat exterior and interior yet it still provides all of the standard features and benefits of a log cabin.

The couple had their foundation set up by a local company, but there are also ways that you can do this yourself too. They ended up going with a crawl space foundation, but in hindsight, he wishes they would have spent the extra money to have the full basement put in. Having the extra space in the basement would be great for extra bedrooms as well as the extra storage space too. Doug also talks a bit about how to cut out the areas for windows and doors to go into your log cabin too which is great to understand for your own build. It's great to see two regular people with no previous building experience building their very own log home, and it goes to show that you can really do anything you put your mind to. The couple also lives an off-grid life as well, and they share a lot more on how to live off grid and how to build a log cabin of your own.***

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