He Doesn't Have To Pay Bills Anymore Thanks To This Solar Powered Tiny Home in New Zealand

Check out this amazing solar powered tiny house that allows you to live completely off-grid. This tiny house was built for a customer on Waiheke Island in New Zealand by a former boat builder and cabinet maker Jeff Hobbs, who has built the home to a very high standard. Right away, you notice the large solar panels on top of the tiny house that work to power it. He wanted to incorporate a lot of sustainable technology into this tiny house on wheels including the 600-watt solar system with a solar collector and wood-stove. This is all you need to live happily in a tiny house on wheels since the space doesn't require a lot of energy to power it. The tiny house is set out in nature with the birds chirping and endless green fields and trees. He used high-quality materials and structurally insulated panels to build his house. The result is a very well insulated home that is super sturdy and durable. The home has a lot of storage as well as great space-saving features like the sofa on the main floor which can also be a double bed. Many people like to have multifunctional furniture in their tiny houses to make the most of their space. Sometimes you can even fit pull out couches in your tiny house which look more like regular furniture.

The kitchen in this tiny house design is fully equipped with a handcrafted ceramic sink, a gas stove and oven unit, and a solar powered fridge. Having solar or propane powered appliances would allow you to be off grid without having to worry about food storage and cooking. There's also a loft area for the bedroom with a large skylight right above the bed which would be perfect for star gazing and cloud watching. He also has installed a rain water collection system that will collect around 3200 litres of water per year which will provide the owner with enough water for showering and using for doing the dishes and such. The bathroom has a walk-in shower with a vanity and sink and a composting toilet. Composting toilets are usually the best for tiny houses especially if you know you'll be off the grid. If you purchase a high quality composting toilet, you won't notice any smell because the toilet separates the urine and solid waste which usually causes the odour. One of the other features in this tiny house design is the large closet which the owner can use for all of her clothing and shoes.

Also, instead of building a ladder to access the upper loft, he built a very nice staircase which makes it much easier to get up into the loft. Many people like to create storage staircases as well which provide a lot of extra storage space as well as a cery sturdy staircase that would be so easy to climb up and down. Having a ladder is great for space saving, but they are not the best for climbing every day, but some people actually prefer them instead of stair cases because of how much space they can save. This particular tiny house was built for around $100,000 because of all the different add-ons such as the solar power which can be quite expensive. Jeff loved building this tiny house and wants to continue building them as they become more popular, which they already are. He would like to build affordable tiny houses for younger people too so they can have an affordable home to call their own. What do you think of this sustainable tiny house on wheels?***

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