Have A Good Look At This Amazing Merchants Log Home

Enjoy taking a look at the Merchants Log House from Wallnut Valley Homes, yet another of their beautiful log house designs. It's no secret that log houses are seen as some of the best homes ever. Even though they have been built for centuries, still the traditional log home building techniques live on because of how impressive and sustainable they are. If you're thinking about building a log house of your own, you're going to first need to get the piece of land to build on of course. Then, you're going to have to find the company you want to work with to build the log house of your dreams. Maybe Wallnut Valley Homes in Sugarcreek, Ohio will be the one. The company builds everything from traditional log houses and cabins to contemporary style log houses with more of a modern aesthetic. So if you love the traditional log home building method, but you're looking for a bit more of a modern style of home, a company like this would be perfect for you. If you don't live near enough to the company, you can still have a look at their log houses like the Merchants log house and get inspired for your own build.

The Merchants is indeed a very impressive log house. Perched on a hill in the forest, it's the epitome of a luxury log home in the woods. Even the staircase winding up the hillside is a work of art and adds to the overall beauty of the home. Like many of their homes, the lower part of the house is crafted out of stone. This not only looks great paired with the logs to give an overall natural look, it also creates some great stability for the home too. One of the most impressive things about this log house is the front profile that you see while looking up the hill at it. The peaked roof with all of the windows makes an impact and the deck that extends the length of the home does as well. There are also balconies off of some of the bedrooms as well. A double car garage is attached to the home and is also constructed out of stone as well. The wood that the home is constructed out of with the green metal roof blends in so well with the home's natural surroundings too. They don't show the home's interior, but we can only imagine it would be just as stunning as the exterior. The home is even on a lake which makes it even more desirable. Just imagine living in a home like this one, it would be a dream come true for many.

If you'd like something a bit smaller or more modest than the Merchants log house design, the company also has plenty of other log house designs on their website that you can choose from including ones named the Buckhorn and the Rainier. You can also create a completely custom design with their talented design team, this way you get exactly what you want. In building the log houses, Pine is the most commonly used type of wood, but they also have Cedar and Cypress wood available upon request. Usually, it takes between about 6 to 10 months for the company to complete one of their log houses, but it all depends on the size and the individual project. A more complicated build on a hill like this one could end up taking a bit longer. Have a look at the incredible finished product and check out some of the other finished log houses on their website.***

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