Existing Kiddie Treehouse is muse for Rancher Expansion

Inspired by a treehouse tiny house design this stunning home gave a 1950s rancher style home a modern update. Designed by Architect Stephen Moser this home located on the western edge of Saxon Woods Park in New York, USA shows what you can do with a simple vision. The clients wanted their Mamaroneck house to expand horizontally so they could accommodate a new office, a family room, and a pool along with a new master suite. The homeowner's inspiration came from a treehouse tiny house design on stilts that was built for their grandchildren. With this vision, the renovation on their rancher style house served as ideas for the building materials the interior spaces and the exterior silhouette for the entire design. You will want to take a look at the site for the photo gallery on this rancher renovation.

The lot for this log home floor plan is shaped like the number 4 without the extended arm of the number and can be accessed from the street by the vertical leg of the four. The other three sides of the tiny treehouse house inspired home are surrounded by parkland. With the natural surrounding of this unique renovation, the owners wanted their home to flow with its natural surrounding treescape. The driveway for this home travels up the leg of the four before it curves around to the corner to the left, The renovated home is positioned diagonally across this section of the lot, which creates a triangular turn around for the cars. It is from this vantage point that you can see the tiny treehouse house inspired elements that are visible from the double trunk steel support posts on the corner of the entry overhang. Once inside the renovated home, you will find a louvered wood wall that creates a separation from the foyer to the new glass that is wrapped around the family room, and this is where the wood treehouse tiny house influence starts to take place. The renovation for this tiny treehouse house inspired renovation includes a new pool Solarium that features the same warm wood ceilings as the office along with a wood wall that adds appeal.

This log home floor plan uses natural building materials that make the home feel warm and compliment its natural surroundings. This renovation is a good example of how you can draw inspiration from any house whether big or small. The tiny treehouse house that was built for the owner's grandchildren served as the inspiration behind this beautiful and modern design and works in a larger space that is perfect for its location and surroundings. You can find inspiration for your renovation projects wherever you look from the landscape that surrounds your building site to the materials used in a tiny house design and more. You might take elements from the location such as the color of the natural elements such as the trees, ocean view, mountain views, grassy hills, etc. and use them as color schemes in the house. This is a good way to make any house feel larger as the two compliment each other and create a seamless look wherever you are in the house. A home renovation is an excellent way to be environmentally friendly and create the home of your dreams without having to take down the house that may have memories from years spent there with family and friends.

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