Checkout This Good Looking Cookeville Model Log Home

There are countless ways for consumers to obtain wood cabins. If you're currently in the market for a log house, you have the option of purchasing log house kits that come complete with all of the materials that are necessary for constructing these units from the ground up. You can alternatively purchase log house plans that offer all of the architectural details of these designs, but none of the required materials. In both of these instances, wood cabins can be erected by homeowners themselves or the necessary work can be outsourced to qualified, general contractors. Finally, you can align yourself with a reputable log cabin manufacturer that can take care of everything for you. This last option is absolutely ideal for investors who do not want to engage in a lot of physical labor and who aren't necessarily ready to customize their wood cabins from end to end. As you start the process of shopping for a wood cabin manufacturer, it is always a good idea to spend some time touring the model homes that different companies have created. By assessing these wood cabins in-person, you will have the prime opportunity to measure the artistry and skill of these professionals. Many of the top log cabin manufacturers have a number of exciting options in fully-furnished wood cabins that prospective investors can tour. As you check out these log house designs, you can go beyond reviewing the overall quality of workmanship to start determining which features and amenities you want your log cabin to include.

The Bellewood-Cookeville model home is an excellent example of what a top log cabin manufacturer is capable of producing. This log house was completed in July 2000. It is one of those wood cabins that offers an impressive amount of living area. With over 3,215 square feet of interior space, it is also rich with an exciting range of cutting-edge and modern amenities. This spacious log house has three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. This log house also boosts a front porch that measures 52', along with an attractive deck at the back of the unit and two side porches. Additions like these greatly increase the amount of usable space that people have at their disposal when living in log cabins. A top-rated log cabin manufacturer called Honest Abe is responsible for the design and development of this log house. This log cabin manufacturer has placed the master bedroom and master bath on the first floor of this log house plan. There is also a half-bath on this level of the log house that's intended to accommodate guests.

The kitchen in this log house features a Thermodore range, beautiful, hickory cabinets, food warmers, a convection oven, and more. This is one of those wood cabins that can serve as an opulent retreat or a comfortable and truly spacious, residential dwelling. When you tour this log house, you will find that the log cabin manufacturer has included a number of exterior features around the model home to give buyers a sense of how this property might look in their chosen settings. This log house is surrounded by raised shrubbery and includes both a flower garden and a breathtaking waterfall exhibit. By working with a log cabin manufacturer like Honest Abe, you can avoid the extra hassle of building your own log house, sourcing the necessary materials, and streamlining your design plans. Wood cabins are becoming increasingly popular among property investors given that these structures are beautiful, enduring, easy to maintain, naturally self-insulating, and built to last. A special thanks to Honest Abe for sharing this helpful information on this truly impressive log house design.

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