A Tour of Our 5 Acre Off Grid Property

You will want to take a look at this off-grid property and all the things they are doing with the land. The property for this off-grid life located in the Pacific Northwest and was purchased in September of 2015. It is five acres of land, and the couple will be living an off-grid life there and develop their off-grid property 100 percent from scratch. Many people have requested that they make a video giving a tour of their property. They barely squeezed it in because of just a day or two after this video; they took an excavator to the flat spot to help move stuff around and pave their driveway. You'll want to be sure and check their channel to see what they have been up to.

The property is in a beautiful location. The video walks you through how they chose their driveway location and how they made the decision with regards to privacy and what would work best. They have a four wheeler that allows them to easily maneuver around the property. It really is exciting to see the project right from the start and is sure to inspire you for an off-grid life of your own. Considerations when preparing your off-grid property are things such as where your driveway will go, parking, a flat spot for the home design and off-grid house, a barn location, garden and more. They will also have an outdoor hot tub, perfect in a scenic location such as this. The barn will have a gambrel roof and apartment upstairs so that the barn will be fairly tall. The couple has a camper that they will live in as they work on their off-grid house. The property has a lot of deer trails so they will get the chance to see plenty of wildlife. There is zero chance that the property will have neighbors moving in on either side or the top of the hill, as they own the top of the hill. So the property is a nice location for privacy, which is something you want to consider when choosing your property.

The down side of this off-grid property is the fact that it is situated on rock, so that will make things difficult when it comes to building their off-grid house. This might mean that they will have to rent out an excavator for building purposes. You get a first-hand view of the site for the driveway, the future home site, and the upper right-hand corner of the property. You can't help but feel the excitement of being a homesteader and all that it entails. If you live in the city, the thought of living in a forest setting such as this might seem foreign or even unappealing. But if you can imagine going from the city where space is so limited, to owning a property that is five acres in size, it can be an amazing place to live or vacation. You are then taken to the top left of the property so you get a good overall feel for what the entire off-grid house and property will feel like, and all the views that go with it. You are sure to enjoy taking a look at this potential off grid house building site, you might even feel inspired to build an off grid house of your own.

You will find this off-grid life video on the Pure Living for Life site. On the site, you will find out more about the off-grid life, the off grid building process, ff-grid houses, off grid properties and so much more. **

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